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Marketing translation and its challenges

Marketing translations can be challenging even for an expert translator. Therefore, this area of expertise differs from other kinds of translation

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How to choose a translation agency

When you need a translation service, it can be stressful to find the right translation provider. Nowadays, the world of translation is full of

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Going global by staying local: A guide to localisation for SMEs.

A couple of weeks ago, we were pitching our services to a potential client (a SME). As always, we tried to get familiar with their brand and ethos

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When languages die...

According to the National Geographic a language dies every 14 days. Researchers show that the list of endangered languages is getting longer every day and

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Language – Barrier or Trigger for Business & E-Commerce?

TIL has recently being working with a lot of clients who have been focusing on international expansion and growth due to stagnant economies closer to

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Five Misconceptions Caused by Mistranslations

Many sites list hundreds of amusing, sometimes utterly nonsensical mistranslations found all over the world, probably done by machines or translators

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Do you fancy working with TranslationsInLondon?

We’re always happy to receive CVs from translators who want to work with us! However, as we receive hundreds of CVs every month, it is very difficult

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