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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

2017 has been a very exciting year for TranslationsInLondon Ltd.

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Translating medical reports can often be a demanding task, especially if you are a beginner. I've recently started fulfilling this kind of assignment

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As seen in our previous post, Machine Translation (MT) has recently become extremely popular and often the choice among the available MT systems can be

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What is MTPE?

Machine Translation (MT), also known as automated, automatic or instant translation, is essentially (as you may expect) a process according to which a

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6 things that every new and existing freelance translator should be aware of!

This is a personal blog post based on my experiences as the founder and managing director of TranslationsInLondon and my direct experience as a former

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Writing for a global audience

In our globalised and multi-ethnic society, information, news, advertisements, products and services are shared at the speed of the light all over the

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"False friends" in translation

One of the great surprising things about exploring different languages is the many similarities we can find amongst certain words. You might think

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Can we lose our first language?

In our young globalized world, it has become so much easier for us to travel and move to another country. Nowadays air travel is widespread and it has Read More…

How Mistranslations Change The World

We always used to think about myths as something given for granted and we don't usually ask ourselves how they originated.

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Cultural differences in non verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is what occurs without the need for words while we are communicating. It is involved in any communication via body language

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The Tricky art of Transcreation

Translation Scholar Elsa Figueroa defines transcreation as a process in which ‘’the translator is ‘given permission’ by the formulator of the request

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Does the EU need an Official Language?

The debate has been raging ever since German President Joachim Goack’s speech in February in which he suggested making English the official language of

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Sayings: English Vs Italian

We all know and use many ways of saying things, but would they still make sense if translated into other languages?

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Transcreation: translating for the creative industries

After TranslationsInLondon's team took part to the very stimulating and interesting “Translation and the Creative Industries Conference“ in central

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The Importance of translation memory and its benefits

A translation memory is a fairly recent technology created to help translators. It is also a “database” that keeps the earlier time translated length Read More…

Subtitling Vs Dubbing

Subtitling and dubbing represent the two main methods used to translate film, TV programs and media in general. Only in recent years have they started

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Legal translation is something that requires more than just translation. The legal documents are evidently the most precisely written records with

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Passion for fashion...and translation...

Fаѕhіоn can be something ѕресіаl іn an іndіvіduаl'ѕ lіfе. It rеflесtѕ thеіr lіfеѕtуlе, thеіr реrѕоnаlіtу, thеіr аttіtudе and аррrоасh tоwаrdѕ lіfе and

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Importance of Translation in the Travel Industry

When аrrіvіng in a fоrеіgn соuntrу іt саn be dіffісult tо gеt settled if уоu аrе not fаmіlіаr wіth thе lаnguаgе. This puts uр a bаrrіеr tо

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The Complex Work of a Professional Translator

Originally posted on March 11, 2013 by nedraff

Many professional translators attest to the fact that their work is misunderstood and often

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