Do you fancy working with TranslationsInLondon?

We’re always happy to receive CVs from translators who want to work with us! However, as we receive hundreds of CVs every month, it is very difficult for us, or any agency to decide to which translators to work with.


So there is actually something you can do to facilitate the decision-making process and to make your CV stand out!

  • Don’t call an agency out of the blue! If there is an email address provided, send your CV to that address: when you call you might not speak with the person in charge and it is better to have some written data which can be saved easily in a database! Many agencies have a vendor manager whose task is to find translators.
  • When sending your CV make sure you write a few lines about yourself in the email. This is the first information an agency gets about you, so it should definitely contain the following items:


(You will only translate from other languages into your native tongue)




(i.e. how many years and what kind of translations – legal, scientific, medical etc)

  • Don’t forget to attach your CV! You should name it with your name and language combinations, so that it’s easier to save it in the right folder
  • For us it’s important to be in contact with translators as soon as possible after we got a project, so we often use Skype as it’s a fast way to contact people. You could provide a Skype name in your application email as well if possible.

All in all, that would be a great start. Afterwards obviously we decide if we can collaborate with you taking into account all these facts. So, don’t hesitate to send your CV in the future! We receive many applications and it takes time to go through all of them, so we might contact you after a few weeks. 

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